Field Bindweed Greeting Card

Field Bindweed

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Botanical name: Convolvulus (field Bindweed)
Scientific name: Convolvulus arvensis

 Bindweed is a twining vine with its funnel shaped flowers that open their petals to the sunrise and close them to sunset. It is a common plant where I grew up in Upstate New York. Their flowers, called morning glory, appear in pink or white hues. Bindweed when used as a medical agent can soothe
and calm the
mind and nerves.

Wildflower Collection

Field Bindweed Everyday Greeting Card
Available as a single folded Frameable card.


5 x 7

Signature Paper
heavy card stock
sustainable resourced



      Please Note: Frame is not included.

      Suggested Frame Size
      8 x 10 matted Frame with a 5 x 7 window
      5x 7 unmatted Frame