Spice Garlic Recipe card-Herbal Remedies & Recipes by Observations Paper


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Herbal Remedies & Recipes

A strongly scented herb with long flat leaves and whitish flowering stems. The bulb is made up of cloves pressed together within a thin white or reddish skin. It originated in south west Siberia and then spread to Europe and Central Asia. It is generally regarded as a preventative measure for colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. Used in balms and liniments, garlic is beneficial in treating skin fungus and aids in purifying the blood as it penetrates the skin.

Garlic Recipe Card
Available as a single folded card.

Front of card: Short Description & Recipes
Back of card:  Internal and External Applications

Card (comes in a clear cello sleeve)
4 x 6

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      Single Folded Card
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